RCIA/Adult Education

Held on Wednesdays at 6pm in conjunction with the RCIA program (English).

The tentative topic and event schedule for the 2016-17 cycle is listed below:

Wed Sept 14                    Overview of RCIA/Existence and Being

Wed Sept 21                    Philosophy/Theology

Sun Sept 25                     4th Sunday with Father, 5-7pm

Wed Sept 28                    Trinity

Wed Oct 5                        Grace and Justification/Angels and Demons

Wed Oct 12                      Mary and Marian Doctrines and Devotions

Wed Oct 19                      Marian Apparitions/Martyrology

Sun Oct 22                       4th Sunday with Father, 5-7pm

Wed Oct 26                     Prayer and Liturgical Year

Wed Nov 2                       Church/Sacred Spaces and Vessels

Wed Nov 9                      Ancient History—Egypt, Assyria, Babylon and Persia

Wed Nov 16                     Ancient History—Greece and Rome

Sat Nov 19th                    Participation in 40 Hours Devotion

Afternoon of Reflection (Mass/Holy Hour)

Sun Nov 27                      4th Sunday with Father, 5-7pm

Wed Nov 30                    Church Tour

Sat-Sun Dec 3-4 Rite of Welcoming at Mass (Present Bibles)           

Wed Dec 7                       Covenant Theology/Adam and Eve

Thur Dec 8                      Feast of Immaculate Conception Mass

Wed Dec 14                     God’s Covenants—Noah, Abraham, and Moses

Wed Jan 4                       God’s Covenants—David and Jesus

Wed Jan 11                      Mass & Eucharist as Fulfilment of Passover and Seder

Wed Jan 18                      Mass and Biblical References

Sun Jan 22                       4th Sunday with Father, 5-7pm

Wed Jan 25                     Divine Revelation—Sacred Scripture

Wed Feb 1                        Divine Revelation—Sacred Tradition

Sat Feb 4-Tu Feb 7         Participate in Parish Mission

Wed Feb 8                       Church History—Apostolic & Patristic Ages; Desert Fathers & Monasticism

Wed Feb 15                      Church History—Scholasticism, Renaissance and Reformation

Wed Feb 22                     Sacraments

Sun Feb 26                      4th Sunday with Father, 5-7pm

Wed Mar 1                       Ash Wednesday Mass

Sun Mar 5                       Rite of Election with Bishop Baker @ the Cathedral, Birmingham

Wed Mar 8                      Sacraments of Initiation—Baptism and Confirmation

Wed Mar 15                     Eucharist

Sun Mar 19                     First Scrutiny—Presentation of the Creed

Wed Mar 22                    Sacraments of Healing—Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick

Sun Mar 26                     Second Scrutiny

Sun Mar 26                     4th Sunday with Father, 5-7pm

Wed Mar 29                    Sacraments of Vocation/Service

Sun Apr 2                       Third Scrutiny—Presentation of the Lord’s Prayer

Wed Apr 5                       Sacramentals

Wed Apr 12                      Holy Week Practice

Thur Apr 13                     Holy Thursday

Fri Apr 14                        Good Friday

Sat Apr 15                        Holy Saturday/Easter Vigil Mass

Wed Apr 19                     Catholic Social Teaching–Discipleship

Sun Apr 23                      4th Sunday with Father, 5-7pm

Wed Apr 26                     Catholic Social Teaching–Social Justice

Wed May 3                      Moral and Natural Law; Virtues and Vice

Wed May 10                    Human Sexuality and Sanctity of Human Life

Wed May 19                    On Life, Death and Eternal Life

Wed May 24                    Eschatology and Revelation—Rapture and Second Coming of Christ

Sun May 28                     4th Sunday with Father, 5-7pm